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This page provides you with three different search tools. Google Search and Live Search use two different plugins to search the contents of the End Time Bible Commentary. They both essentially do the same thing, but you may prefer one over the other. Tag Search searches my commentaries for descriptive tags that I have assigned.

Search Results
Use these search tools in combination with your browser search. Whichever tool you use, open a page from the results list and then press Ctrl+S on a pc, or Command+S on a mac to open your browser search box. Then enter a simple search for the words on that page. Use your browser back button or shortcut keys to return to the list of search results.

Purpose of the Search page
I like to think of eschatology as a complex jigsaw puzzle that God's people have been pondering and trying to solve for the last two thousand years and more. Let's call it 'The End Time Puzzle'. Solving it requires strategy, and this page shows you the tools and strategy that I have used. A detective trying to solve a case might cover a wall with post-it notes, photos and cuttings of anything that is possibly relevant and then attach pins and strings to show possible connections between pieces or clues. That is what I have done, but in electronic form. The tags are my post-it notes and connections. Searching by tags enables you to narrow the pieces down to an array of tiles that contain your chosen tag. A tag is not always a word or phrase that appears in the biblical text, but is a label that I have assigned.

As I examined each of the puzzle pieces, I started in Genesis and ended in Revelation. For each chapter that I thought was relevant to the end time puzzle, I wrote my commentary and assigned descriptive tags. Working full time on this, it was nearly a year's work, including research and background reading. As the weeks and months went by, I couldn't keep everything in my head. So the search tools were my means of holding it all together and establishing the connections. That helped me interpret each additional chapter in relation to those I had previously covered.

As well as 'Tags', which is a general label, you'll see that you can search by Place tags or by Symbol tags. You might want to see which pieces are relevant to any given place. And the pieces of the puzzle contain many symbols or metaphors, so I decided to make these a tag category of their own.

The Tag Search is dependent on the tags that I have assigned. There may be places where I should have assigned a given tag but omitted to.

Google Search and Live Search comprehensively search the entire End Time Bible Commentary and associated biblical text without depending on anything that I have assigned. They will pick up on my tags since they are included as plain text within each page, but they are not dependent on them.

If you want to know what the picture looks like on the box of the End Time Puzzle, then look at my Timelines page. I don't claim to have solved The End Time Puzzle, but I've come a long way from where I started. I think a timeline of events in order is the closest that we can achieve to the picture on the box. I don't try to identify any specific date for the second coming, since Jesus made it clear that that particular piece is missing and only God the Father knows it (Matthew 24:36).

I don't expect you or require you to agree with my conclusions, or with what I think the picture on the box looks like. I respect your right to draw your own conclusions.

The End Time Bible Commentary will always be a work in progress. After taking nearly a year off work to write it, I then needed to go back to my normal job for a while and earn a living. But I will continue to make minor updates and additions in my spare time, and will inform of any changes via my Blog page. I welcome any questions, challenges, or suggestions. My email address is

I leave you to study the bible for yourself like a good Berean.

"The Berean Jews were more open-minded than those in Thessalonica, for they eagerly received the message, examining the scriptures carefully every day to see if these things were so" (Acts 17:11)