The Song of Moses serves as a witness against Israel when they are rebellious, but gives hope that God will restore Israel in the end-times. The salvation of the Gentiles will arouse jealously in the Jews, and will cause them to return to God.
Deuteronomy 32:1-43 is known as the Song of Moses. Shortly before Moses died, God told him to teach this song to the Israelites (see 31:19-30), and that the Israelites were to teach it to their children and pass it down the generations. It would act as a witness against them when they were rebellious (31:26), and help them to recognise the reasons whenever they were facing trouble or disaster. However, it ends with a message of hope for Israel, that God will one day make atonement for his land and its people, and take vengeance on her enemies (32:27-43).

In verses 15 to 18, Moses prophesies that Israel will desert the God who made them, and make him jealous by their worship of false gods they had not known. Verse 17 says that such worship of false gods is actually the worship of demons, as stated by Paul in 1 Corinthians 10:20-21. Consequently, verse 21 says that God will respond by making Israel jealous through a people they do not recognise. The Apostle Paul relates this to Gentile Christians when he quotes verse 21 in Romans 10:19. He then says in Romans 11:11-12, "I ask then, they did not stumble into an irrevocable fall, did they? Absolutely not! But by their transgression salvation has come to the Gentiles, to make Israel jealous. Now if their transgression means riches for the world and their defeat means riches for the Gentiles, how much more will their full restoration bring?" In other words, Paul recognises that God using the Gentiles to make Israel jealous is one stage in the Song of Moses, but the song ends with Israel's vindication and restoration in verses 39 to 43.

In verses 22 to 25, God speaks of a fire that has been kindled by his wrath, and he goes on to describe various plagues and calamities with which he will strike the earth and take vengeance on his enemies. In Revelation 15, John sees a vision of believers in heaven who have been victorious over the beast and his image, and they sing the song of Moses. Immediately afterwards, John sees seven angels who are given seven bowls to pour out on the earth. Each bowl releases a plague upon the earth. These are God's final judgments that he releases on his enemies. By this point in the timeline, the last of the seven trumpets will have already sounded, so believing Gentiles will have been raptured up to a heavenly position, from where they will sing the song of Moses. Any Jews who are still on the earth at that point will become jealous of the salvation of these Gentiles, and it will cause the Jews to return to God.

Verse 43 says, "Cry out, O nations, with his people, for he will avenge his servants’ blood; he will take vengeance against his enemies, and make atonement for his land and people."
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Invocation of Witnesses
1 Listen, O heavens, and I will speak; hear, O earth, the words of my mouth.
2 My teaching will drop like the rain, my sayings will drip like the dew, as rain drops upon the grass, and showers upon new growth.
3 For I will proclaim the name of the Lord; you must acknowledge the greatness of our God.
4 As for the Rock, his work is perfect, for all his ways are just. He is a reliable God who is never unjust, he is fair and upright.
5 His people have been unfaithful to him; they have not acted like his children – this is their sin. They are a perverse and deceitful generation.
6 Is this how you repay the Lord, you foolish, unwise people? Is he not your father, your Creator? He has made you and established you.
7 Remember the ancient days; bear in mind the years of past generations. Ask your father and he will inform you, your elders, and they will tell you.
8 When the Most High gave the nations their inheritance, when he divided up humankind, he set the boundaries of the peoples, according to the number of the heavenly assembly.
9 For the Lord’s allotment is his people, Jacob is his special possession.
10 The Lord found him in a desolate land, in an empty wasteland where animals howl. He continually guarded him and taught him; he continually protected him like the pupil of his eye.
11 Like an eagle that stirs up its nest, that hovers over its young, so the Lord spread out his wings and took him, he lifted him up on his pinions.
12 The Lord alone was guiding him, no foreign god was with him.
13 He enabled him to travel over the high terrain of the land, and he ate of the produce of the fields. He provided honey for him from the cliffs, and olive oil from the hardest of rocks,
14 butter from the herd and milk from the flock, along with the fat of lambs, rams and goats of Bashan, along with the best of the kernels of wheat; and from the juice of grapes you drank wine.

Israel’s Rebellion

15 But Jeshurun became fat and kicked, you got fat, thick, and stuffed! Then he deserted the God who made him, and treated the Rock who saved him with contempt.
16 They made him jealous with other gods, they enraged him with abhorrent idols.
17 They sacrificed to demons, not God, to gods they had not known; to new gods who had recently come along, gods your ancestors had not known about.
18 You have forgotten the Rock who fathered you, and put out of mind the God who gave you birth.

A Word of Judgment

19 But the Lord took note and despised them because his sons and daughters enraged him.
20 He said, “I will reject them, I will see what will happen to them; for they are a perverse generation, children who show no loyalty.
21 They have made me jealous with false gods, enraging me with their worthless gods; so I will make them jealous with a people they do not recognize, with a nation slow to learn I will enrage them.
22 For a fire has been kindled by my anger, and it burns to lowest Sheol; it consumes the earth and its produce, and ignites the foundations of the mountains.
23 I will increase their disasters, I will use up my arrows on them.
24 They will be starved by famine, eaten by plague, and bitterly stung; I will send the teeth of wild animals against them, along with the poison of creatures that crawl in the dust.
25 The sword will make people childless outside, and terror will do so inside; they will destroy both the young man and the virgin, the infant and the gray-haired man.

The Weakness of Other Gods

26 “I said, ‘I want to cut them in pieces. I want to make people forget they ever existed.
27 But I fear the reaction of their enemies, for their adversaries would misunderstand and say, “Our power is great, and the Lord has not done all this!”’
28 They are a nation devoid of wisdom, and there is no understanding among them.
29 I wish that they were wise and could understand this, and that they could comprehend what will happen to them.”
30 How can one man chase a thousand of them, and two pursue ten thousand; unless their Rock had delivered them up, and the Lord had handed them over?
31 For our enemies’ rock is not like our Rock, as even our enemies concede.
32 For their vine is from the stock of Sodom, and from the fields of Gomorrah. Their grapes contain venom, their clusters of grapes are bitter.
33 Their wine is snakes’ poison, the deadly venom of cobras.
34 “Is this not stored up with me?” says the Lord, “Is it not sealed up in my storehouses?
35 I will get revenge and pay them back at the time their foot slips; for the day of their disaster is near, and the impending judgment is rushing upon them!”
36 The Lord will judge his people, and will change his plans concerning his servants; when he sees that their power has disappeared, and that no one is left, whether confined or set free.
37 He will say, “Where are their gods, the rock in whom they sought security,
38 who ate the best of their sacrifices, and drank the wine of their drink offerings? Let them rise and help you; let them be your refuge!

The Vindication of the Lord

39 “See now that I, indeed I, am he!” says the Lord, “and there is no other god besides me. I kill and give life, I smash and I heal, and none can resist my power.
40 For I raise up my hand to heaven, and say, ‘As surely as I live forever,
41 I will sharpen my lightning-like sword, and my hand will grasp hold of the weapon of judgment; I will execute vengeance on my foes, and repay those who hate me!
42 I will make my arrows drunk with blood, and my sword will devour flesh – the blood of the slaughtered and captured, the chief of the enemy’s leaders!’”
43 Cry out, O nations, with his people, for he will avenge his servants’ blood; he will take vengeance against his enemies, and make atonement for his land and people.

Narrative Interlude

44 Then Moses went with Joshua son of Nun and recited all the words of this song to the people.
45 When Moses finished reciting all these words to all Israel
46 he said to them, “Keep in mind all the words I am solemnly proclaiming to you today; you must command your children to observe carefully all the words of this law.
47 For this is no idle word for you – it is your life! By this word you will live a long time in the land you are about to cross the Jordan to possess.”

Instructions about Moses’ Death

48 Then the Lord said to Moses that same day,
49 “Go up to this Abarim hill country, to Mount Nebo (which is in the land of Moab opposite Jericho ) and look at the land of Canaan that I am giving to the Israelites as a possession.
50 You will die on the mountain that you ascend and join your deceased ancestors, just as Aaron your brother died on Mount Hor and joined his deceased ancestors,
51 for both of you rebelled against me among the Israelites at the waters of Meribah Kadesh in the wilderness of Zin when you did not show me proper respect among the Israelites.
52 You will see the land before you, but you will not enter the land that I am giving to the Israelites.”