The End Time Bible Commentary is a set of commentaries on chapters of the bible that relate to end time events and the second coming of Christ. I've also included some chapters in Genesis that lay important foundations which end time prophecies then build upon.

Studying end times is like piecing together a complex jigsaw puzzle with many pieces. I like to call it the End Time Puzzle. Opening the box of a 1,000 piece jigsaw puzzle and seeing all those small pieces inside can feel quite daunting. But imagine opening the box to find that the pieces from two different jigsaws had been thrown into the same box. How daunting would that be! You would first have to go through every piece and try to work out which jigsaw it belonged to. That would be no easy task, and it is likely you would abandon the jigsaw at that point. The End Time Puzzle is a bit like that. The bible contains nearly 1200 chapters, but more of them are about history than about the future.

My study began with Mike Bickle's list of 150 chapters that are primarily about end time events. I then added chapters that contain additional prophecies, clues, or foundations relevant to end times, and my list grew to about 260 chapters. The End Time Bible Commentary is my commentary on these chapters which I consider to be pieces of the End Time Puzzle.

In order to understand what the bible says about the future, it helps to know what it says about history. Over the years, I have read the whole bible from cover to cover at least a dozen times. It is important to study it as a whole. But I find it helpful to think of End Times and Biblical History as separate jigsaws.

Some of my chapter commentaries are very brief. My purpose has been to explain how it relates to end times. Other chapters, such as Matthew 24, Ezekiel 38, and most of Revelation are more detailed.

The Home page provides easy access to my commentaries if you just want to read them. If you want to study end times in more depth and conduct your own research, you may wish to use the Search page. This provide several tools for searching my commentaries together with the associated biblical text. Scroll down to the bottom of that page for guidance on how best to use them.