This psalm looks forward to God's deliverance of Israel through the son of man whom God has raised up and seated at his right hand. Israel will be saved and restored through Jesus at his second coming.
This psalm is a prayer for Israel's deliverance at a time when she has been invaded and ravaged by her enemies. Israel is pictured metaphorically as a vine that God planted when he brought them out of Egypt. In verse 16, this vine is seen to have been cut down and burned with fire.

Verses 17-19 look forward to Israel's deliverance and restoration through the man at God's right hand, 'the son of man you have raised up for yourself' (NIV), and to God's face once again shining upon the nation that they may turn to him and be saved. Consequently, it is reasonable to understand this in the context of the Great Tribulation, when Jesus, the man at God's right hand, will deliver Israel from the Antichrist and his allies. Israel's deliverance followed by national revival, as envisioned in verse 18, is prophesied more fully in Zechariah 12.
Places: Israel
Symbols: Vine
Tags: Antichrist invades Jerusalem, Fall of Jerusalem, Restoration of Israel, Son of Man
1 For the music director; according to the shushan-eduth style; a psalm of Asaph. O shepherd of Israel, pay attention, you who lead Joseph like a flock of sheep! You who sit enthroned above the cherubim, reveal your splendor!
2 In the sight of Ephraim, Benjamin, and Manasseh reveal your power! Come and deliver us!
3 O God, restore us! Smile on us! Then we will be delivered!
4 O Lord God of Heaven’s Armies! How long will you remain angry at your people while they pray to you?
5 You have given them tears as food; you have made them drink tears by the measure.
6 You have made our neighbors dislike us, and our enemies insult us.
7 O God of Heaven’s Armies, restore us! Smile on us! Then we will be delivered!
8 You uprooted a vine from Egypt; you drove out nations and transplanted it.
9 You cleared the ground for it; it took root, and filled the land.
10 The mountains were covered by its shadow, the highest cedars by its branches.
11 Its branches reached the Mediterranean Sea, and its shoots the Euphrates River.
12 Why did you break down its walls, so that all who pass by pluck its fruit?
13 The wild boars of the forest ruin it; the insects of the field feed on it.
14 O God of Heaven’s Armies, come back! Look down from heaven and take notice! Take care of this vine,
15 the root your right hand planted, the shoot you made to grow!
16 It is burned and cut down. They die because you are displeased with them.
17 May you give support to the one you have chosen, to the one whom you raised up for yourself!
18 Then we will not turn away from you. Revive us and we will pray to you!
19 O Lord God of Heaven’s Armies, restore us! Smile on us! Then we will be delivered!